• Click register Online, fill required field and wait for confirmations

  • All Payments are done online via a web payment processor... Click on your dashboard to start contributing

  • As soon as you are approved as a member you'll need to wait for a period of 3months after which the system automatically give you access to borrow x2 of what you have as savings

  • It is compulsory you have 2 members who are also a certified members of quickcoop ( who has been a member for not less than 3months) as your gurantor. while filling the loan form, you must select 2 members (using their ID)

    This members will be notified on their respective dashboard & approval will be required from them. before this loans can be submitted or processed

    After payment of first loan you automatically qualified to applly for x3 of your savings

  • Yes! We are Fully registered

  • You can always call any of our support line. we are available 24/7

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