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Welcome to QuickCoop

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We welcome interested persons to our Online Cooperative Society platform. Great opporturnities & benefits awaits you.

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Save regularly as a group or individual, and borrow easily, we are your friends and family !.

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Take a loan, save and invest @ your fingertips anytime, anywhere.

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Quickcoop is an online co-operative society which gives you the opportunity to access timely loans with minimal interest rate, it is a co-operative society without stress, where all transactions are done online, it is out to encourage the savings culture in people.

Quickcoop was registered with the Kwara State Ministry of Commerce and Co-operative ilorin, Nigeria on October 15, 2019

  • We’ve less paper work
  • We offer any type of loans
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What We’re Offering

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Education Loan

This is a sum borrowed to pay for all education related expenses e.g Tuition fees, Books, Hostel, accommodation etc.

Business Loans

This is a sum of money borrowed to finance a commercial venture with the goal of earning an economic profit from it.

Property Loan

This is a sum of money borrowed to finance the purchase of lands, building of houses, renovation of existing houses etc.

Personal Loan

A Personal loan is a sum of money borrowed for any purpose.

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What We’re Offering


At QuickCoop Coorperative, Our Passion is to see you progress, as a member you become a family and friend. One of the benefit of becoming a member of QuickCoop is that you will surely achieve sustainable prosperity and financial independence with our savings culture.

    1. To encourage thrift amongst members and to encourage a fund by which members can be granted loans.
    2. To provide facilities for regular thrift savings by members without such savings being removed from their control.
    3. To procure consumer goods at reasonable prices for distribution to members
    4. To promote any other measures designed on Cooperative principles to encourage among its members the spirit and practice of thrift, mutual help and self-help.
    5. To engage in any other economic activities that may tend to increase the earnings capacity and ultimately improve the standard of living of the members.
    1. To encourage members to embark on extensive farming enterprise either on individual basis or on group basis
    2. To encourage members to become progressive farmers by adopting improved farming practices recommended by Agricultural Extensive workers.
    3. To provide opportunities to save for business and properties.
    4. To provide opportunities for educational and educational related savings.
    5. To arrange or create opportunity for benefiting from federal housing schemes.
    1. A cooperator must save for 6 months before qualifying for a loan.
    2. The first loan to be accessed by any cooperator will be double of the amount saved,and should be paid back within 6 months from the day of loan disbursement.
    3. The second loan will only be processed if the following criteria are met:
    4. Payment of the first loan in full.The committee accertains the integrity and the credit worthiness of the cooperator.
    5. The second loan to be accessed by a cooperator will be three times the amount saved by he or she, and must be paid back within a year.
    6. Loans will be granted on presentation of two guarantors who MUST be members of the cooperative society.
    7. Default in loan repayment will come with penalties:a. Deprivation of Futher loan grants. And or b. Expulsion from the cooperative.

      Note: Guarantors are expected to know those they are guaranteeing very well,as the guarantor will be responsible for the loan accessed by a cooperator if he or she fails to pay back as at when due.

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Our Vision is to be a world class cooperative Society that is built on integrity and innovation.